Circular Footwear Alliance

27 May 2020
Circular Footwear Alliance puts the European Green Deal into practice.
EMMA Safety Footwear, Allshoes Footwear Alliance and FBBasic form an alliance for circular work and safety shoes.

Kerkrade / Alkmaar, The Netherlands,     27 May 2020

Today EMMA Safety Footwear, Allshoes Safety Footwear and FBBasic launch the Circular Footwear Alliance (CFA). A milestone in the sector: for the first time two competitors join force for a greater purpose. Together Allshoes and EMMA provide enough scale to really make a circular system work in practice. It is therefore a tipping point in using and reusing raw materials, because the ambition is clear: no more waste by preserving raw materials. The first 100 collection points have already been equipped. 

Tom Hermans, CEO EMMA Safety Footwear: ““It is time for scale-up. If we want to realize positive impact, we have to see beyond our own nose. With CFA we want to inspire others to do the same, within and outside the sector.”  

Circular economy: from pilot to daily practice
In a circular economy raw materials are no longer lost. All products will be designed in such a way that the components or raw materials of which they consist can be reused after use. In the same or in other products. The quality and value will be preserved and automatically there will be no more waste. There are numerous circular pilots in just as many sectors, but successful application in practice asks for scale and organization. For safety shoes the founding of the Circular Footwear Alliance means that both preconditions are met in one go. 

Sufficient scale for positive impact 
Together EMMA and Allshoes own an important part of the Dutch market for safety shoes. By optimally organizing the reverse logistics, dismantling and recycling of shoes CFA is able to recover raw materials as much as possible and also to make this profitable, starting today. This way a circular way of working will be a more and more integrated part of both companies. 

Michiel van Kempen, CEO Allshoes Safety Footwear: “Sustainability comes down to just doing it. A lot of practical matters have to be arranged and organized to set up a circular system together. Apart from this we are still just as strong competitors as before, but at the CFA table we both feel: here, together we make the difference for the future.” 

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