EMMA is quite exceptional in the Dutch manufacturing industry. Our aim is not just to meet, but to exceed the relevant standards, because we are only interested in making the best. We are only satisfied when we are sure that people can go off to work in total safety and without a worry thanks to our products. Naturally, that also applies to the people working at EMMA. EMMA has a special approach to personnel. Traditionally we have always worked with people who are weaker on the employment market and we help everyone to be able to perform at their very best. As an employer we play a central role in society and feel responsible to keep up this special way of working. We currently offer employment to over 130 staff in the Netherlands. On a global scale there are at least 1,000 people working with EMMA products. We believe it's quite logical to extend this duty of care throughout the entire production chain. Working conditions at our suppliers, the origin of our raw materials: we aim for honest and responsible production whereby people are treated and rewarded fairly. Child labour is unacceptable, while a safe place to work is crucial.

For EMMA, doing business responsibly means being conscious of our environment. When it comes to the environment we apply our own Dutch standards across the globe, which also means carrying out regular inspections to ensure that waste is treated and disposed of responsibly. There is particular focus on the notion of a circular process in the development of new EMMA products, which means that recycling materials is key. In this way our commitment reaches far beyond the borders of the EU. Our purchasing department assumes responsibility for the environment by working only with suppliers who also take care of good and safe working conditions in their supply chain and also contribute to a better environment. 

Profit lies at the heart of every business; it's essential for the growth and development of our brand. While striving for profit we should not, however, lose focus on people or the environment. It is precisely this sustainable profit that guarantees a future for our company and people and allows us to invest in a responsible manner in new models, new ways of working, new materials, new markets and as many employment opportunities as possible.

At EMMA we take our business and social responsibilities seriously.