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If you get out of a truck or forklift truck in slippery conditions, good grip is essential to prevent injuries and absences from work. Soles that offer optimal grip under all circumstances and shoes that protect your feet against, for example, protruding nails and coarse splinters. Non-slip soles ensure that you are stable in your shoes the whole day, every day. Our shoe line for these demanding working conditions offers excellent ventilation and is made of lightweight material. They keep you dry and alert while sitting comfortably, even on long journeys. Working in a large distribution centre can sometimes mean walking up to 10 km a day. Walking on concrete floors is a strain on your feet, ankles, knees and lower back. So cushioning, comfortable shoes that optimally support your feet are essential. Forklift trucks and pallets can be dangerous for your feet, that's why we offer shoes with superior grade toe caps. Moreover, because it can sometimes get pretty hot during the summer months, our shoes are well ventilated. Our hydro control technology keeps your feet dry and allows you to keep your attention on your work. We also offer a range of soles designed to ensure that you have perfect grip and stability on any floor, whether wet, dry or greasy.