Sustainable production at EMMA in Kerkrade

Social return:
At EMMA, for every pair of shoes, a quarter of an hour is spent on production by an employee at a distance from the labour market.


‚ÄčISO 14001:2015: 
EMMA is ISO 14001:2015-certified. ISO 14001:2015 is an environmental management standard. Among other things, this means that EMMA is continuously taking steps to reduce its CO2 emissions, by reducing waste, energy consumption and water usage.

Polyurethane was always the largest source of waste at EMMA's own factory. Since 2019, all the residual streams (mainly cutting residues) have been being collected and processed into insulation material.

EMMA strives to minimise packaging. For example, plastic is avoided in EMMA's packaging, waste is separated and our shoe boxes are made from a mix of FSC and already recycled materials.

Solar panels:
EMMA has had solar panels installed on its roof and a solar panel field fitted. The agreement with Volta Solar and Sunrock means that EMMA will make its roofs and the ground available. Sunrock, in turn, will implement and operate the solar panel field. The 6,450 solar panels, including 1,250 panels on the roofs of the buildings and 5,200 panels on the ground, generate about 2,600,000kWh of renewable energy.

Number of households: 681

CO2 savings: 1,064,000 kilograms/year

Rework (reworking shoes manufactured that are below par):
EMMA always strives for “First time right”: we prefer to produce as little waste as possible.  

EMMA repairs approximately 490 pairs of shoes annually. These are returned pairs from customers.


Water-borne adhesives:
EMMA largely uses water-borne adhesives.

Making facility purchasing more sustainable:
EMMA makes sure that it purchases as many environmentally friendly products as possible from new and existing suppliers for its own use.