EMMA is committed to promoting and maintaining a responsible supply chain with safe and healthy working conditions. We also believe it is important for each link in our chain to proactively assume its environmental responsibility. We have established long-term relationships with many of our suppliers. For example, EMMA has worked with the same leg supplier in Brazil for more than 20 years.

We believe it is important for our suppliers to be transparent about their activities and we provide an insight into our own purchasing practices as well. The collaborations with our suppliers are very important to EMMA. Other important stakeholders include the employees, unions and NGOs representing their interests. EMMA monitors its sustainability and compliance data through Worldfavor (  



EMMA Safety Footwear is part of the Hultafors Group. The Hultafors Group Code of Conduct is based on existing reference documents and communicates very precisely how important responsible behaviour is for our work. What is unique, however, is that this is a “Two-Way Code of Conduct”. This code of conduct also states what suppliers of EMMA and the Hultafors Group may expect. It prescribes the non-negotiable minimum requirements and standards for all parties involved in the production process. In addition, the suppliers receive a List of Restricted Substances; substances that may not occur in our products or may only do so to a limited extent. This document must also be signed by the EMMA suppliers.



We are aware that it is difficult to fully verify compliance due to the complexity of the production chain. Our product developers, buyers and Sourcing Manager regularly visit our facilities to assess compliance with our Code of Conduct, follow up on corrective actions from previous audits, and assist facilities in identifying and addressing their challenges. Together, we will then work on possibilities for improving the situation even further. Download our full code of conduct document:

Download Code of Conduct Hultafors Group

Download Code of Conduct Hultafors Group Annex Footwear



Hultafors Group encourages the reporting of misconduct in relation to our Code of Conduct. Hultafors Group will take steps to ensure that people who report misconduct are not disadvantaged, discriminated against or traceable. All reporting is done via a system independent of Hultafors Group's IT services.

Complaints or disputes regarding this Code of Conduct can be submitted at: