When semi-orthopaedic modifications and/ or support soles are unable to achieve the desired result EMMA can now offer a new alternative: certified orthopaedic safety shoes made in a flexible manner. This allows us to live up to our motto ”safety for everybody”; with this solution it really is possible for everyone to wear a certified safety shoe.

This safety shoe is made possible by working in co-production. The orthopaedic shoe technician is responsible for measuring the shoes and producing the last. After that the company OSK Schoentechniek takes care of shoe production. To do so EMMA provides the certified materials and takes responsibility for certifying the shoe. EMMA has developed and certified a range of four different safety shoes for this purpose.



This flexible production method allows the orthopaedic shoe technician total freedom. As long as EMMA materials are used in accordance with established guidelines then the shoe may retain its certification under the European safety standard EN ISO 20345:2011. This allows the shoe technician to create the perfect fit without having to compromise. 

Orthopedics Instruction Shoe Last (Bekijk hier de instructiefilm)



When semi-orthopaedic modifications and/or support soles are unable to achieve the desired result EMMA can now offer certified orthopaedic safety shoes made in a flexible manner.

EMMA now also provides the insole manufacturing method!

And as usual, the Orthopaedic shoe technician remains the one who supplies the right details. We will begin creating the shoes using the materials supplied. Please note, not everything can be done with an insole – what can be done is to make the shoe significantly lighter than the Flexibly made shoe.

The shoes made using the insole manufacturing method have a number of advantages:

  • Fitted with aluminium ATX toe cap protection, making it lighter
  • Insole is not fully solid, so it weighs less
  • Due to the insole, the shoe is far closer to the ready-made models.  

Certificate Type Orthopaedic Line O3 Nitril

Certificate Type Orthopaedic Line S3 Nitril

Ortho Nordic
Ortho Nordic
Ortho Nestor
Ortho Nestor
Ortho Paul
Ortho Paul
Ortho Patrick
Ortho Patrick


Suitable for all manufacturing methods

  • EMMA Paul Ortho
  • EMMA Patrick Ortho
  • EMMA Nordic Ortho
  • EMMA Nestor Ortho
  • EMMA Cas Ortho
  • EMMA Corona Ortho

Ideal is cases such as:

1. Particular shapes and sizes of feet that do not fit a semi-orthopaedic safety shoe
2. Osteoarthritis of the ankle
3. Foot drop
4. Leg length discrepancies greater than 2 cm
5. Feet threatened by diabetes mellitus or rheumatoid arthritis