Solar Panels at EMMA site

8 September 2020
EMMA has taken a next step in its exciting journey towards a ‘positive footprint’! This is EMMA’s so-called “solar meadow”, a huge piece of land and a roof full of solar panels.

In 2019, EMMA started fitting solar panels. The agreement with Volta Solar and Sunrock means that EMMA will make its roofs and the ground available. Sunrock will in turn realize and operate the solar panel field. The 6,450 solar panels, of which 1,250 panels are on the roof of the buildings and 5,200 panels are on the ground, generate approximately 2,600,000 kWh of energy. The 1,250 solar panels on EMMA's roofs are already connected to the grid. The panels on the ground will be connected and officially opened with city of Kerkrade in September.

Households: 681

CO2 reduction: 1.064.000 kilogram/year

So let the sun shine!