Top 5 safety shoes for the metal industry

30 May 2024
Made to withstand extremes
Find out how EMMA Safety Footwear's sturdy footwear is the backbone of workplace safety.

Between the glowing heat of melting furnaces and the clattering rattle of machinery and metal, safety shoes are an unwavering protection; an essential shield against falling objects, sharp edges and unexpected hazards. As an employer and an employee, you don't want to compromise on that. Find out how EMMA Safety Footwear's sturdy footwear is the backbone of workplace safety.

Spark-resistant tongues, oil- and acid-resistant soles made of nitrile rubber that can withstand temperatures of 300ºC, uppers with double-stitched & heat-resistant yarn... These are a few examples of features that make safety shoes from EMMA Safety Footwear eminently suitable for the metal industry. And that is no superfluous luxury. Because working with metal often means working in extreme heat and with extreme risks. 

Add to this the fact that most employees in the metal industry spend long days on the job. Besides safety, comfort is therefore also a must. Good to know: almost all EMMA footwear is fitted with a Hydro-Tec® antibacterial lining. This ensures optimal absorption and drainage of moisture inside the shoe, keeping feet - even in the most challenging conditions - dry and fresh all day long.

A piece of history
EMMA has a long history of developing and manufacturing safety shoes for the most challenging conditions. Our history goes back to the days of the State Mines, in the southern Dutch province of Limburg. It was the miners who wore the first EMMA shoes at that time. In recent years, we have continuously developed our shoe collection. With an eye for safety, comfort and... durability.

Our top 5 for the metal industry
EMMA Safety Footwear's 5 models ideally suited to metal industry workers.


This special welding shoe is designed for professionals who work with metal in extreme temperatures. Sparks or hot metal splinters don't stand a chance, thanks to the flap that goes all the way over the foot. The strong leather upper, integrated steel toecap and nitrile rubber outsoles (HRO) are resistant to the corrosive chemicals used in galvanising and other metal operations.

Mack M
Do you prefer a lace-up shoe? Then opt for the Mack M. The Metatarsal instep protection protects your feet from injury due to heavy, falling objects or entrapment. Inside, your feet will stay dry and fresh, thanks to Hydro-Tec® antibacterial lining that adequately absorbs and wicks away moisture.

The Leo is truly an all-round safety shoe, which is also incredibly suitable for workers in the metal industry. The Leo has a steel toecap on the inside and an extra PU over nose on the outside. The Easy Twist sole provides a ‘sticky grip’ on any surface. This S3 safety shoe is available in different widths.
Lukas is the tall ‘brother’ of Leo. Just as versatile, just as safe and just as comfortable. Lukas is one of six EMMA models that are climate-neutral certified. You can read exactly what that means on our website
CrossForce X
Extreme jobs? Heavy work demands robust safety shoes! The CrossForce X High is ultralight and comfortable shoe with plenty of freedom of movement. This shoe has a Vibram Ecostep Pro running sole. The energy-return insoles allow you to wear these shoes all day with ease. The reflective R-Pet laces and loop in the heel provide extra visibility.