To Siberia with Mammoet

13 April 2017
The safety boots and shoes with the Mammoet Footwear label are already being worn in many locations around the world. Soon to join them is… Siberia!

Also keen on owning the Mammoet Footwear that Jelle is wearing in Siberia?

The safety boots and shoes with the Mammoet Footwear label are already being worn in many locations around the world. Soon to join them is… Siberia! This is the next stop in the industrious life of Mammoet project leader Jelle van der Enden (31).

He puts his boots on in the morning when he starts the day. “They stay on until the end of the day.” These boots, a high-quality product from Emma Safety Footwear, fit Jelle like a glove by his own admission, and are incredibly safe. “I'm highly satisfied with them.” When we interviewed him over the phone, he was working for his employer Mammoet in Hamburg - another week and the project in this German seaport town will be over. His next posting is Siberia, the huge region of land covering 59% of the total area of Russia and 23% of the whole of Asia. Jelle is used to quite a bit by now. “I go from project to project, as far out as Russia.” He is a spider in the web, preparing projects and finishing them off. “One time I might be away from home for just a few days, another it could be many months. I love my job.”

86 years of knowledge and experience

Jelle has been working for Mammoet for nearly three and a half years, initially as a planner, now as a project leader/co-ordinator. Mammoet, the quintessentially Dutch company that carries out a multitude of projects around the world, often under difficult circumstances, protects its staff - including Jelle van der Enden - with ultra-high-quality safety footwear. Mammoet's choice of 'Emma' has everything to do with the company's excellent reputation. Mammoet's staff need to be able to rely on high-quality Dutch products anywhere in the world, hence the choice of Emma, which has been producing safety footwear since 1931 and can thus look back on 86 years of knowledge and experience.

2,000 staff at Mammoet

Mammoet, and Emma, both quintessentially Dutch companies that enjoy worldwide fame (the former for its hoisting and transport activities, among others), entered into a collaboration in mid-2016 with the aim of producing and supplying safety footwear under the label Mammoet Footwear. Since then, Emma has been supplying Mammoet with various models of boots and shoes to be worn by around 2,000 of their staff, all over the world. One of these is Jelle van der Enden. He says his previous boots, from a different supplier, were “much heavier”. The boots he wears today are much lighter, which is a major improvement on the situation before. “I've only had them a few months, but my first impression was perfect. I'm assuming I'll find no faults with their durability either, although I can't really judge that until I've worn them for longer."

Mammoet Footwear is available to everyone!

So are Mammoet Footwear products exclusively for the company's staff? Not at all - through the dealer network used by Emma Safety Footwear, the market leader in the Benelux, everyone can buy boots and shoes (of various models) with the Mammoet Footwear label. Below is the link to the dealer network:

By the time you read this story, Jelle van der Enden will be hard at work for Mammoet in Siberia, returning from this far-flung, challenging mission in time for the summer months. Accompanied, of course, by 'his' Mammoet Footwear

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