In recent years, we have worked really hard to develop safety shoes that are not only safer, but also sustainable. And we have been successful! This means that we choose environmentally friendly materials as far as possible, with a longer service life, that the materials are recyclable and that all the raw materials are reused in a next use application. For example, in furniture, as insulation materials and, hopefully in the future, in new safety shoes. In addition, residual streams from our own production are reused as far as possible. Our leather residues in leg production are processed into manure and the residues from our sole production are processed into insulation material. Moreover, we are continuously working to improve working conditions throughout our production chain.

And did you know that, for every pair of shoes, a quarter of an hour is spent on production by an employee at a distance from the labour market?


Safety first, whatever the future has in store

EMMA Safety Footwear has been marching ahead in safety shoe development for over 90 years. With the world now changing faster than ever, we have adapted our organisation. This means we can already launch solutions for working conditions in the future. Whatever the future brings, we will ensure that you and your colleagues can walk around safely. We work really hard each day to make safety shoes even better. Safer and more comfortable. More sustainable and in closer contact with our users. A never-ending search for added value.

All the materials have been chosen for their lifespan and environmental safety. A next use application is specified for every material. That way, thinking about safety and sustainability is interwoven. Both aspects effectively reinforce one other in the continued search for better safety shoes.


Check your shoe

Every pair of EMMA safety shoes is fitted with a unique QR code. 
When users scan the QR code with the special EMMA app they can already see a factsheet with a summary of all materials that have been used in the shoe. 
That way, thinking about safety and sustainability is interwoven. Both aspects effectively reinforce each other in the continued search for better safety shoes.