World’s very first ‘circular’ safety shoe

12 October 2017
With pride, we unearth world’s very first ‘circular’ safety shoe today. We believe a shoe should not harm a world but instead aid it.
Walk with us!

World’s very first ‘circular’ safety shoe.

The world we live in is greatly helped with every positive action taken

to help to protect and improve it. That has always been the path for EMMA Safety Footwear: our history of human resourcing and production principle is based on it.

The last two years EMMA Safety Footwear expanded its efforts towards global thinking, inspired by great minds who dared (and still dare) to step forward in the struggle to do good.

We took our time exploring better qualities of circular processing, and better qualities of working. This process we lovingly named `the Positive Footprint`. And just recently the research and production teams of EMMA Safety Footwear rewarded faith : with pride we unearth world’s very first ‘circular’ safety shoe, together with several upgraded existing styles!

With your support we can persist to deliver our part of preserving our common future. Walk with us!

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