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Work Boots

If there's one job where our boots are really tested day in, day out, in all kinds of weather, and every situation, it's construction. Stone Masons, Carpenters, Scaffolders, Foundation Layers are just some of the many craftsmen we're proud to have in our shoes. The working materials alone (sand, stone, steel, concrete powder and grit) will destroy a pair of substandard boots within a few weeks. walking along wet scaffolding or edging along girders in strong winds isn't for people with a weak stomach. Or those wearing weak boots. Our superiour rubber compound soles resist slipping and provide excellent traction. They can cope with almost every conceivable working situation and weather condition. Abrasion resistant rubber and reinforced leather uppers protect your boots against the daily grind. Feet are kept dry, stable and secure. We've incorperated world renowned brands like Sympatex ®, Cordura ® and Vibram ® combined with a range of boots that are as broad in application as the industry itself.