Circular Footwear Alliance

If your company is based in The Netherlands or Belgium, EMMA can take back your worn shoes!

In cooperation with its chain partners, EMMA ensures that the raw materials are registered in a material database and that the raw materials will be reused in other products. Reverse logistics is an essential part of the circular economy, because otherwise no reuse of materials can take place. The reverse logistics system is brand independent. Also products that are not designed for the circular economy can be returned for passive recycling. You can also return your other personal protective equipment, including work clothing, glasses and helmets, to COFA for reuse (with the exception of gloves and products contaminated with chemical agents). To use the return logistics, you conclude a contract with COFA. Invoicing for return logistics is also done directly from COFA. In consultation with COFA, cages and / or duffel bags are placed at the location you want, where you can collect the used products. After COFA has collected the goods from you, COFA takes care of the dismantling of shoes with the help of people who are at a distance from the labor market. And together we ensure the next destination of the materials used.

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